Bristol Blues




Loparco Homerun Leads Blues Past Rox

By: Chris Saunders


 Bristol Blues came into Brockton on a mini two game losing streak, but this losing streak is a lot more elongated because the Blues were scheduled to play during last weekend against the Worcester Bravehearts.

However, Mother Nature had different ideas and it forced Bristol to have to try and reschedule both games at a later date.

The rust through the four days off really cooled down the bats of Bristol when they went up to Martha’s Vineyard Monday night against the Sharks. Even though the Blues lost 6-1, the bright spots out of that loss is that as the game progressed the at bats become crisper.

Fast forward to tonight the blues faced off against Brockton whom is only 1 game behind you in second place of the FCBL division. Add that to fact that the Sharks are ahead of Bristol now by 3 games if you’re a Blues fan you cannot feel good about a team like that who doesn’t have many weaknesses.

Bristol took out the anger from last night’s loss by scoring four runs in the top of the first as Brockton had 2 wild pitches and an error by the pitcher.

In the middle of that you had 8 players bat for Bristol bat starting off with Alex Loparco and Richard Brereton hitting singles. Add in a stolen base and a throwing error by the pitcher and wild pitches gave the Blues a 1-0 lead. Eventually Blues would get 3 more runs and make the lead 4-0.

Not a bad start for the Blues I’d say right?

But, Brockton would have answers in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, in bottom of their innings scoring 1 run in each. Although they went scoreless in the 4th inning, Bristol would surrender a run in the 5th inning to make the lead which was once 4-0 a 4-4 game.

When a team scores early and has a crooked number, typically if you don’t try and pile on next few innings you give that team hope that they can make a comeback.

Heading into the top of the 6th, Bristol would have an answer as Cooper Mrowka would reach on an error by the shortstop and get to second on a slowly hit groundball off the bat of Ethan Hunt.

After another wild pitch Mrowka advanced to third base plus a single by Andrew Hague that scored Cooper and gave the Blues the lead 5-4.

Bristol would score three more in the top of the 8th, and as the 6th inning the 8th started with Mrowka getting on base this time via the walk. Then came the big bomb from Alex Lopcaro a two run shot that pitted the Rox from a one run deficit to three.

Brockton would tack on a run off of Emmet Sheehan, but he regained his composure and kept the Rox to that one run.

In the 9th, as if it even needs to be said with the Blues up 8-5 it was Neal McDermott time!

And as if I feel like I repeat myself every time he pitches, it was an easy 1-2-3 inning after the leadoff single giving Neal his 8th save of the season. You think it’s time to call him Neal Rivera?

Rivera being the great Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

The Blues improve to 14-9.

The Blues next game will be Wednesday, June 27th at Muzzy field as the Worcester Bravehearts will be back in Bristol.